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Book Review: Rabbit Cake

Rabbit Cake by Annie  Hartnett


Book – Rabbit Cake
Author – Annie Hartnett
Genre – Young Adult – Contemporary
Date Published- March 7th 2017
Publisher- Tin House Books

General  Thoughts:

A story about coping up with a loss of someone. That’s what i need.
My cousin lost his dad and he is just about the age the protagonist in this book. I could connect to this book on so many different levels.

Plot Summary:

Elvis lost her mother when she was ten and this is a heartbreaking story about dealing with grief over the loss of someone you love. Everybody deals with grief differently, and this story depicts it perfectly. I couldn’t help but hug this book.

Things I liked:

  • Elvis. She is smart and cute and i love her. I liked the little animal facts she used to find out and i like how  she was so worried about her dad and her elder sister all the time.
  • The Grieving process was bought together perfectly. How they were so dependent on their mothet, and how everyone deals with greif differently.

Things I didn’t like:

  • I kind of got a little uncomfortable when the mother’s character was  being portrayed in a bad way.
  • I thought Ernest’s  and Miss Ida’s characteristics were a little too super natural at times and absolutely unnecessary.
  • The mess about lizzie is sometimes annoying but maybe necessary for the story.

I would recommend it to someone that’s mourning for someone or knows someone that is.
Because you got to do what you got to do, to get going.

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