Book vs Tv Series

Book Vs TV Series : A Series of Unfortunate Events |Episode 1 &2

The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events, #1)Image result for the series of unfortunate events netflix the bad beginning

Book: The Bad Beginning (1999)
TV Series: A Series of Unfortunate Events – Ep 01 & 02 (2017)


I read this book last year, and loved it. Obviously I was excited to watch the TV Series.
The TV Series has done a pretty good job of adapting from the book so far. The little details like the rocks for toys, or the character details were quite well done.
Just a little personal imagination problem of mine, was that i imagined Violet’s hair to not be fringed from the front, since she liked to tie all of her back while she worked.:P and that’s my only complaint.
I did like Neil Patrick’s acting as Count Olaf.
And of course, the Title Track and the Count Olaf song is pretty impressive.
I like how they have really taken note of the minor details in the book.
Saying that, i did like the addition of Jacqueline’s character and Poe’s Wife character in the series.
Also, The Banker and the Judge are so fucking OMG. * rolls her eyes*


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